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EUROKIT 1000X400X1860

EUROKIT 1000X400X1860

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Zinc Shelving 1000x400x1860h

Materials: Made from our profiling lines using galvanized steel for continuous hot dipping of Fe DX51 quality according to the UNI EN 10346 standard or cold-rolled steel with DC01 quality according to EN 10130.

The planes have been improved in the longitudinal edges with the addition of a particular "zeta fold": this increases the flow rate and allows compliance with the UNI 8600, UNI 8601 and UNI 8603 standards and compliance with Legislative Decree 81/2008 on security. The most important feature is the assembly that is made entirely interlocking without the use of bolts.

The finishes:
They can be totally galvanized or painted according to UNI EN ISO 12944-5 with 200 ° thermosetting epoxy powders on our systems.

The kit includes:
• 8 uprights from mm 960
• 5 floors of 1000x400 mm reinforced
• 4 PVC feet
• a wooden tablet

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