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Catchmaster's Pro Series Multi-Catch Mouse Trap & Glue Board Traps are made with AP&G’s legendary, non-toxic glue formula and sturdy metal for lasting performance. They are sticky enough to catch mice, but not enough to cause a nuisance for you and/or your pets. Glue boards + Multi-Catch metal cage is a great option for locations that are dry and/or dusty where glue trays and other traps may get contaminated.

  • Treat & Prevent Pest Problems: Additional bait is not needed and aside from removing the cover on the adhesive glue board, no additional set up is required. The glue boards go to work immediately.
  • Low Maintenance: Glue boards are a pest treatment and pest prevention solution that require the short tasks of setting and checking traps.
  • Important Set Up Tips: Remove glue board set from box and remove adhesive cover. Place inside of Multi-Catch Metal box. These glue boards can tolerate any environment except for extreme cold for up to one year when used with the metal casing.
  • Non-Toxic: Consumption of the glue, while not recommended, is not harmful to pets or people. If a person or pet comes into contact with a glue board, the mess is likely to be small, but you can remove glue using vegetable or food-grade mineral oil.
  • Cost-Effective: These are the same traps that a professional will use when they come to your house, but without the cost. Application requires a small amount of your time and no additional inputs.
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